Stratagem 1 Solutions

Stratagem 1 Solutions provides a comprehensive report of your network’s profile from a vital but overlooked perspective ?that of the malicious hacker. Any audit will tell you what ports are open and which known vulnerabilities are present. Stratagem 1 Solutions does this and so much more. 

We use zero-day exploits and tools that hackers use to give you an honest and realistic assessment of your network.. Our INFOSEC certifications and affiliations and our commitment to ethical practices are your guarantee that your network is safe no matter what we discover.

From the "Lure the tiger from the mountain the 36 stratagems of ancient China"
By Gao Yuan

Stratagem 1 
Man tian guo hai - "Cross the sea by fooling the sky."

"...The stratagems of crossing the sea by fooling the sky plays on the yin-tang relationship between overt and covert, regularity and irregularity, familiarity and surprise. Each element in these pairs can hide the other, and each can transform into the other. The stratagem works because people expect secrets to be hidden. It is logical to think that such plans must be made and conducted in secrecy. Thus people tend to neglect open activities that hide underlying schemes...."

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